Monday, March 26, 2012

Have a fairy or an elf compliment your child...

Spring has sprung! It's a magical time. Flowers and trees are blooming, the grasses are emerald green and rainbows grace our skies. Nature nurtures children’s imaginations as they gather sticks, moss and leaves and search for small life hidden under rocks and inside of flowers. It’s a wonderful opportunity to encourage and reward kind, gentle and polite behavior in our children.  

Imagine your child receiving a tiny little envelope. Inside is a letter. The writing is so small you have to use a magnifying glass to read it. When you do your child realizes that she or he is being complimented by a fairy or an elf who has noticed your child’s good behavior. What a memorable reward! To create this experience for your child, Golly Gee-pers is providing free down loadable letters and envelopes. You can choose Fairy Poli for girls or Elf Raffi for boys. Simply go to and click on freebies. Have fun!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March Mixes Manners and Music

According to March is “Music in Our Schools Month”

They started sitting and ended dancing!
 Coincidentally, (although I don’t believe in coincidences) Golly Gee-pers was invited to a local school to debut a few of our new manners songs. Thanks to the cool and melodic voice of Rebecca Sayre, kindergartners through 5th graders embraced the songs and their message with unabashed singing, humming, tapping and lively discussions. In one of the classrooms an autistic boy who had remained sitting at his desk working with an aid, quickly joined in. His teachers were delighted to see this otherwise unresponsive child suddenly participating along with the rest of the class! It struck me (not for the first time) how alive and focused the kids became and what an important tool music can be to learning. In honor of this month’s celebration, I would love to hear from people on the ways in which music has contributed to their child’s education or development. Although the Manners CD has not yet been completed, you can still hear this wonderful singer's voice at